• defense department submarine with highly complex precision machined parts
  • photo of prototype, custom design, replacement parts and production parts made in broomfield, Colorado, america
  • photo of precise machined complex part for medical device made in america
  • precision tooling on part for aeronautics made in america
  • precision machining on production parts for food & beverage equipment made in america
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Phone: 303-465-3922 • Broomfield, Colorado

Stacy Machine & Tooling. We hold tight tolerances.

department of defense fighter jet, U.S. Air Force, with precision machined parts made in america
precision rapid prototype part for medical device made in america
satellite with precision tooled parts and product integrity made in colorado, america
Design | Development | Production

Improve productivity, enhance quality and bring products to market sooner!

Stacy Machine & Tooling is a full-service machine shop with experience in the semi-conductor, aerospace, medical and other precision manufacturing industries.

Your ideas are all we need to begin the process. Working with you, or with your blueprints, we guide your parts and tools through modeling, prototype fabrication and final tooling. We guarantee complete product integrity at every step along the way.

Stacy Machine & Tooling delivers:

  • Top quality workmanship and service
  • Fast turnaround of custom and production work
  • Consistent adherence to, or improvement on, promised delivery dates
  • Effective and efficient interaction with our skilled engineering staff


We Proudly Support

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Medical and R&D
  • Food & Beverage Equipment

ISO-9001:2008 certificate for stacy machine and tooling in broomfield, colorado, america



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